About Us

After a 14-year professional journey spent within large corporations (Ernst & Young, Gucci Group and L’Oreal) and responsibilities spanning Audit, Finance, Commercial and General Management; I have decided to start my entrepreneurial adventure and set up my own boutique consultancy business

Why consultancy?

Throughout my experience, I have dealt with consultants in various contexts (reorganisations, strategy, acquisitions, market opening etc…),

In most of the cases, their value-added has been very limited, their recommendations impractical and their fees abnormally inflated,

Invariably, I was left thinking I can do better than this:

I can provide my clients with a tailored solution without invoicing them services or resources they don’t need, without burying the meaningful content under dozens of charts and without confusing them with a pretentious expert jargon,

Moreover, I have a genuine and deep knowledge of emerging markets either through my origins or through my previous international assignments (Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America)

I have come to realise as well that most of the consultants cultivate an external posture, interviewing the teams rather than working with them: as far as I am concerned, all my assignments will be in full-time immersion with the teams and for a minimum of 3 months period,

Finally, I believe that for the consultant to be successful, it has to be an encounter between him and the client. There has to be a shared conviction and passion for the business,

Amine DAMIR,


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